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Calling all Pony Club Members from the Past, Present or Future!



If you have ever been a part of the Deep Run Pony Club in the past, present or future, we would love for you to attend the Pony Club’s Christmas Carol themed holiday party at the Clubhouse this year on Sunday, December 16th at 6:00 PM

These is no cost to attend. We will serve light refreshments and soft drinks, with beer and wine available to purchase. Open to kids and family members of all ages.

We would love to collect past photos from Pony Club from the good old days that we can put up on the screen for all to enjoy!! Please email any photos to Halle at halle@deeprunhuntclub.com or bring them to the hunt club office to be scanned.

We will be hearing from Pony Club members from the past, present and the FUTURE - the children who will carry on the tradition for years to come! We would love to have the involvement of anyone who has played a part in Pony Club through the years. Please contact Kim Ford if you would like to be a part of this fun and festive event, and if you have any Pony Club memories and/or photos to contribute.

Happy Holidays from Kim and the Pony Club Crew!!

Kim Ford 971-2026 or kimberlyaford@hotmail.com

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Of all the recreations with which mortal man is blessed
Go where he will, foxhunting still is pleasantest and best. 
- Anonymous


DRHC Logo Items For Sale!

If you are looking for a good Christmas gift for any of your friends or family, we have just gotten lots of cool NEW STYLES of clothing items and hats in with the Deep Run logo!

We have sweatshirts, fleece jackets, baseball caps, t-shirts, polo’s, keychains and more!

Come on in and take a look! Items are kept in the Deep Run office and we have plenty of sizes and colors to choose from.

Here is a glimpse of some of what we have to offer:

logo stuff


logo stuff 2

Thanksgiving Meet Photos

Click Below to view the beautiful photos taken by Debby Thomas at the  Thanksgiving Meet at Sabot Hill on Nov. 22, 2018.

 Click Here for Debby's Thanksgiving Photos


Click Below to view the beautiful photos taken by Addie Johnson at the  Thanksgiving Meet at Sabot Hill on Nov. 22, 2018.

Click Here for Addie's Thanksgiving Photos


Pony Club Christmas Party

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Opening Meet Photos by Debby Thomas

Click Here for Opening Meet Photos

Fun Dog Show Results by Secretary Lynn Richie

Click Here for Results

Fun Dog Show Photos by Bill Sigafoos

Thanks SO much to Chairman Margo Hardy who did a great job putting on the Fun Dog Show! Our Kennelman Brian Groves was an excellent Judge! Also many thanks to Jennifer Newton, Lynn Richie, Laura Merhige, Kim Barlow Binner, Rick Sample, Annette Jones, Wendy Schmitt, & Dr. Virginia DeChant, who kept all the peeps and pups in line. And thanks to all our participants who made the day so much Fun!
Click Here for Link to Photos

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